Jingshan Park (Mountain Landscape)

  • ChangQiao, China
  • Xi Cheng Qu, Beijing, China 
    Jingshan Park (or Park Landscape Mountain) in Beijing - artificial hill about 45 meters and an area of ​​over 230 square meters. Is now a public park.

    First, the park was the imperial garden, which was built in the Ming Dynasty. The park consists of five hills, and on top of each hill palace built in the Chinese style. These gazebos are perfect for relaxing and enjoyable time with friends.  

    At the highest point of the mountain height of 43 meters in the center of the park is a gazebo Vanchuntin, which is considered the center of the historic Beijing. The hill offers a beautiful view of the many attractions of the city.

    Jingshan Park is especially popular among older people here who love dancing, singing and organize other cultural events.
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