Pavilion №69 the All-Russia Exhibition Center

  • Talezh, Russia
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    Specialized Exhibition Center (JMC) (formerly Pavilion "Consumer goods and services to the public" was built in 1986 by a team of architects under the direction of Vіnagradskaya.

    Exhibition Complex is the most recent structures of the architectural complex of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements. In the competition for the best pavilion built 1986 awarded the diploma of the Union of Soviet Architects. In addition, it was considered to exhibit Exhibition Center, as it reflects the development of architecture and improving domestic construction techniques 80s.

    Despite the great length of the facades, the pavilion an impression of lightness, harmony and solemnity. These features give it a 24-meter pylons step on the side facades, elegantly drawn entrance portals, asymmetry of the composition and huge stained glass windows.

    The total area of ​​the pavilion - 40 thousand square meters. Modern equipped exhibition area, demonstration open areas, audio-visual equipment, a conference hall for 400 seats with amplification and theatrical light - conditions SEC for exhibitions and fairs. Every year there are about 40 exhibitions and fairs.
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