Pavilion number 75 All-Russia Exhibition Center

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Prospect Mira, Moscow, Russia 
    Pavilion number 75 All-Russia Exhibition Centre - is the exhibition pavilion, located to the right of the main entrance. Also, this pavilion is also the most new home at the Exhibition Centre - it was commissioned in 2008.

    It was designed according to modern exhibition standards. The total building area is about 53 thousand square meters. Pavilion includes: congress center with 800 seats, designed for international events, 3 lecture rooms for up to 100 people and 5 meeting rooms, each of which covers an area of ​​68 square meters.

    The unique layout of the hall without columns allow exhibitors to build on the exhibition center stand constructions of any height and complexity.

    The pavilion is equipped with the most modern communication systems, which allow exhibitors to connect sophisticated and modern equipment necessary for the demonstration of exhibits.
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