Pavilion "Physical Culture and Sports" All-Russia Exhibition Center

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  • Pavilion "Physical Culture and Sports" in the VVC. Pavilion number 27 was designed and built in the 40s of the 20th century, the architects of the project were: FY Bialystok and M.F.Kraevsky. In 1941, in a building of the pavilion opened the exhibition of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian SSR. Since 1954, the pavilion was reissued under the exhibition "Physical Culture and Sports."

    The pavilion is a large exhibition hall without internal supports. Inside the building decoration resembles a sparkling five-pointed star, so the decor was still used in the development of two other famous buildings in Moscow - the theater building RA (Russian Army) and the metro station "Arbat". This is a rare example of an unusual variation of the Soviet style of art deco 30s.

    Since 1954, this pavilion is a unique art exhibition on sports subjects. But, unfortunately, through the difficulties in the country in the 90s, it was closed.
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