Pavilion "Space" at VVC

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • ave. World, 119 building 33, Moscow, Russia 
    Pavilion "Cosmos" was built at the Exhibition Center in 1939, and in 1954 it was reconstructed by the famous architect IG Taranov and VS Andreev. Chief designer of the building and the dome is Limanowskiego M. and G. B. Gordon. From 1939-1956 year there was an exhibition on new models of various equipment, agricultural development. Since 1957, it began to exhibit the means of civil engineering, in connection with which the pavilion was named "Engineering". In 1964 there was an exhibition "Urban Development" and in 1967 instead placed the exposure with the latest models of space technology - technology and science honor of the USSR. In this regard, the pavilion was renamed the "Cosmos".

    In mid-1991 under the roof of the pavilion held a grand festival "Gagarin-party", in which participated the famous cosmonaut Georgy Grechko. The entire exhibition space was terminated in 1994, in its place, a new exhibition and sale of specimens exclusive cars. Exhibits a "space" of the museum were dismantled and shifted under the big dome, many of them were stolen and damaged. Nowadays, in the pavilion "Space" is an exhibition "gardening".
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