Pavilion "Culture"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • ave. World, 119VVTS structure 66, Moscow, Russia 
  • Pavilion "Culture", built in 1939, is a place where every year there are thematic exhibitions, which are attended by popular musicians and actors of theater and cinema.

    It was created by the architect SN Palupanava modeled on the Uzbek national house and was first called "the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic." In the design of the building was attended by the best Uzbek masters that were created from wood carved doors that surround the entrance maelіkavyya panels and colorful stained glass windows.

    In the ornament cornices and capitals of the columns, you can see a picture of the bushes of cotton, which is the basis of agriculture in Uzbekistan. After reconstruction in 1954 on the terrace in front of the entrance, where formerly stood a sculpture working in Uzbekistan, was set incredibly beautiful arbor-rotunda inside which earlier beat fountain.
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