Pavilion "Kyrgyzstan"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • ave. World, 119 Building 4, Moscow, Russia 
  • Pavilion "Kyrgyzstan", opened in 1954, designed by the Estonian arhіtektarskіya group NK Tarvas, H. A. and A. Arman H. Vol'berg.

    As chief designer of the pavilion made of PE Aavik. The building has a cream-colored marble portico and its façade and entrance portal is decorated maelіkavyya carpet patterns, reliefs and ornament on agricultural subjects in the style of folk art in Estonia. 

    The decoration of the interior can be seen carpentry and beautiful rubber floor pattern. Opening of the exhibition pavilion in the commercial center of the Kyrgyz Republic took place in 2009. Until that time, it was called "Biology".
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