Pavilion "Moscow" at the All-Russia Exhibition Center

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Prospect Mira, Moscow, Russia 
  • Pavilion "Moscow" at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre - this is a special building, designed as an exhibition pavilion of the USSR at the international exhibition Expo 67 in Montreal.

    The project is designed by a team of architects led by Mikhail Vasilyevich Posokhin. After the end of Expo 67, it was decided to restore the former USSR pavilion in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (now VVC) USSR near the North entrance.

    After restoring the height of the roof was raised on three floors, it got a new name: "Inter-industry exhibitions Pavilion", but in publications often called "Montreal" pavilion.

    Since the 1990s, the pavilion is called "Moscow". Pavilion is one of the best examples of Soviet modernism. The house is built on a metal frame which is part of the internal and external structures, which play an architectural role. Directly input the pavilion is on a high podium, which leads to the sweeping staircase. The facades of the pavilion are solid glass plane with a distinct pattern of aluminum frames. Inside the pavilion is divided into three floors, stairs served as the escalator. 
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