Pavilion "Transport"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • ave. World, 119 building 26, Moscow, Russia 
  • Pavilion "Transport", built in 1939, is considered one of the most significant buildings of the architectural ensemble of VVC.

    By 1963 the pavilion changed several names and rebuilt several times. It was built by the project team of architects: VF Toucan, PP Ravyakіn, IA Ignatieff and AM Gromov.

    The building is white and cream color is a solemn and harmonious appearance. Its main facade is decorated with floral reliefs, graceful columns and high arched windows.

    In the pavilion are wooden doors with inlays of colored glass. Completes the central part of the facade sculpture tractor driver with a book in hand and farmers, holding a sheaf.
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