Pavilion "Ukraine"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • ave. World, 119 building 58, Moscow, Russia 
  • Pavilion "Ukraine", built in 1937, is considered the biggest and most beautiful of all republican pavilions OCE.

    Designed by architects A. and K. Tatsiy Ivanchenko, during the reconstruction of 1950-1954 years it was rebuilt from the use of fragile structures.

    The new building has a ceramic facade, decorated with images of sunflowers and ears. Arched entrance is decorated with ceramic crown. Above it can be seen mosaic coat of arms of the Ukrainian SSR.

    On both sides of the entrance are installed sculptures depicting the Stakhanovite. Their authorship belongs to sculptor E. Bialystok, GL Pivovarova and E. M. Friedman. The main pavilion eaves and its tower is decorated with gold ears of wheat. And the corners of the building is crowned with sculptures of girls with a laurel wreath.
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