Cave "Delicate"

  • Hamyshki, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea 
    Gentle cave is located in the eastern part of the ridge Azish Tau, at the source of the river Mezmay. A small horizontal length of the cave and ninety-five meters. The cave was formed as a result of the earthquake about twenty thousand years ago. In connection with this relatively new ceiling of the cave is littered with lots of thin "gentle" stalactites, gave the name of the cave.

    According to legend, once upon a time lived a hermit in a cave, where the spirits of the mountains gave healing power. True or not - is unknown, but the fact that the cave was inhabited continuously for sure. Here are found the fossilized bones of prehistoric animals - Maybe that the cave served as a parking prehistoric man. Later the cave was chosen by the robbers who robbed caravans passing along the spine Azish Tau. The ceiling of the first room of the cave strongly sooty, stalactites are almost no. The hall itself in the memory of the bandit leader is known as the Ottoman.

    In these halls is a narrow passage homemade, locally developed natural vine. Here a wealth of calcite forms much higher. Powerful stalagmites rising towards thin delicate stalactites. Cave rooms are named Nameless, Corallite, Bell and Gurov.
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