Petrovsky Palace in Moscow

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Leningrad Ave. 
    Petrovsky Palace - historic gem near the center of modern Moscow.

    The palace was built in the late XVIII century Tver tract (now - Leningrad Prospect) on the orders of Empress Catherine II, after the successful completion of the Russian-Turkish war. He served as a residence for nobles rest after a long journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow (hence its name - "track") on the approaches to Moscow.

    The palace was built by the architect Matvei Kazakov. In 1812, Napoleon was here watching the fire in Moscow. During its long history had time to visit the palace and the military headquarters and museum, and educational institutions. But after a long restoration Palace regained its original purpose - at the moment in this building is a 4 star hotel with a high level of service.

    In the Petrovsky Palace putsyavoy Everything for various events: press conferences, round tables, exhibitions, congresses. For historical walls - a super-modern equipment: fully-equipped conference rooms, rooms for the press center, high-speed WI-FI.
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