Brasserie Durdin

  • Ryzhkovo, Russia
  • Moscow, Leningrad,., D.80 
  • +7 (495) 780-54-35 
    The first Russian beer restaurant was named Ivan Durdzіn, who in 1836 bought a small beer plant. A few years later Durdzіn name became famous throughout Russia. Emperor Alexander II personally appreciated durdinsky "Porter" Brewer allowing unprecedented step - pouring beer into bottles with double-headed eagle. Today "Durdzіn '" - the first Russian beer garden.

    The menu offers a total of five beers, but each of them - the revival of Russian corporate recipe that prides itself medavarennem Durdzіn. All of them are so good that no matter how much you do not drink, you seem a little. For a large company can be ordered a oak keg of beer on the table. To beer you can order any dish of traditional Russian cuisine or something of the classic beer snacks - shrimp, crawfish, spicy chicken wings with honey.
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Усадьба «Покровское-Стрешнево»

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