• Tomsk, Russia
  • ave. Lenin, 82-A, Building 1, Tomsk 
    Tomsk planetarium on the main avenue is one of the three first planetarium opened in the Soviet Union. First planetarium in the country was the only one he was in Moscow. In 1947, the State University received a trophy optical device "Planetarium" released by the famous "Carl Zeiss Jena." Despite the post-war difficulties, were found the necessary funds, as well as the building in which it was possible to build a complete planetarium.

    The Academic Council of the University of Tomsk, it was decided to use the unique device not only to teach students the astronomical profession, but also to open free public access. First, the equipment was installed in the premises of the former house church in Tomsk bishop building museum. In September 1950 the grand opening. In 1980, Tomsk planetarium acquired the status of an independent regional cultural institutions and moved to a new building in which and is to this day.
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