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  • Tiraspol, Moldova
  • Suvorov Square, Tiraspol, Moldova 
  • Suvorov Square is the main square of Tiraspol - the capital of Transnistria. It is located in the city center, between the Red alleys and streets Shevchenko. This place is very popular among tourists and locals alike, is always crowded enough. 

    West of the square is the Memorial of Glory and the building of the Supreme Council of the PMR, to the north - the Palace of children and teenagers and a monument to Suvorov, and to the south - the square named after De Volan, which is adjacent to the embankment of the Dniester. There are monuments to Franz Where flounces, Catherine II, Victoria blue and Valentina Solovieva.

    The total area of ​​Suvorov Square - about 13 150 square meters, its length - about 386 meters, width - 33 meters. It is worth noting that the area is part of the carriageway and often overlapped during all kinds of celebrations.
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