Piazza Venezia

  • Centro Storico (Altstadt), Italy
  • Piazza Venezia, 00186 Rome, Italy 
    Piazza Venezia, Piazza Venezia it also got its name in honor of the grand palaces of Venice, located in the heart of Rome. The area is located at the foot of Capitol Hill, near the famous Roman Forum. In ancient times, this place was part of one of the most important transport routes intersect here Flaminia road and the Servian Wall. Piazza Venezia itself began to form in the middle of the fifteenth century, when the palace was built moved embassy of the Venetian Republic. After the area changes its shape due to new buildings - in the middle of the sixteenth century there was built the Palazzo Banapartse, and in the late eighteenth - Monument of Victor Emmanuel II.

    Today Piazza Venezia is a popular tourist destination, there are many activities.
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