Beaches Loo

  • Loo, Russia
  • At 18 km. Sochi
    Loo beaches - some of the best beaches on the coast. The village stretches along the coast, so the beach is available here alone. However, lovers of solitude still be able to find a wild beach, which is also missing.

    Urban public beach - pebble, no excessive numbers, clear sea. Over the sea. Loo - a good place for diving and extreme tourism. For divers there are many objects that are of interest. 

    In Looe no estuaries or bays, which favorably affects the color and quality of sea water. Beach holidays in Looe - a great alternative to the noisy beach-old caught lying and dingy sea. Although the taste and color.

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Sights nearby

The ruins of the temple in the "loo"
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Redwoods in Lazorevskom near Sochi CHemitokvadzhe (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Beach Golovinka CHemitokvadzhe (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Berendeevo kingdom Navaginka (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Club "PlotForma" Sochi
Agurskii Gorge Sochi
Orekhovsky Nizhnee Orehovo (admin. territoriya g. Sochi)
Park "Riviera" Sochi
The Church of St. Grand Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles Sochi

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