Church of the Intercession

  • Podvyaznovo, Russia
  • 601800, Vladimir region, Yuriev-Polsky, ul. Embankment 
    Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Yuriev-Polsky was built in 1769. Although the temple, which is located on the site, known since 1712. Its founder was a monk Kirill of Archangel Michael Monastery. In addition, next to the church he built wooden cells for Pokrovsky monastery.

    By coincidence, the monastery did not last long, the nuns moved to Vvedensky monastery. The temple on the river Koloksha remained neglected. Over time, the convent became a parish church. In 1768, the church burned down, the residents managed save icons, books and valuable utensils.

    A year later, the congregation built a new church has made of stone. That it has survived to the present day: five-domed church, decorated with carvings and facades.
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