Pokrovsky Monastery (Suzdal)

  • Suzdal, Russia
  • M7
    Suzdal, Vladimir region, Russian Federation 821 m Yu
    In the northern part of the city of Suzdal, on the right bank of the Kamenka River is Pokrovsky Monastery. It was founded in 1364 by Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich.

    View of the ensemble of the monastery, which survives today, was granted to him in the XVI century. In those days, the monastery sent a conclusion, the representative of aristocratic families, taking the veil. Many women are known, each invested contribute to the development of Russian history, took vows and were transferred to the Pokrovsky Monastery.

    Now it works. The rich decoration and old buildings attract large number of tourists who wish to admire the beauty of the monastery.
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Sights nearby

Cells nuns in Pokrovsky Monastery
Gate Church of the Annunciation
Peter and Paul Church in 1694
Holy Gates with Gate Church of the Annunciation
St. Basil's Cathedral (1510-1514g.) Pokrovsky Monastery.
Belfry Pokrovsky Monastery
St. Nicholas Church
Cafe "Limpopo" in Suzdal
Kamenka River
Alexander Monastery (Suzdal)
Belfry St. Euthymius Monastery
Passage tower Spaso Euthymius Monastery
The belfry of the Transfiguration Cathedral
Assumption refectory church in Suzdal
Gate Church of the Annunciation
Monastery of Saint Euthymius
Dmitry Pozharsky Monument
Tomb of Prince Pozharsky in St. Euthymius Monastery
Cross on the site of ancestral tomb of Prince Pozharsky
A fragment of a ruined mausoleum DM Pozharsky
Museum "Gold Room" in Suzdal
Posad house
Smolensk church with a bell tower
Manor merchant Lichonin
Church of Our Lady of Tikhvin

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