Roadside zoo in Bologovsky District

  • Kolomno, Russia
  • p.Kolomno, Bologovsky District, Tver region 
    Roadside zoo is located in the 319 kilometer route Moscow - St. Petersburg, on the territory of the ACP "Speed". History roadside menagerie started in 2000, when there picked up a wounded fox and nursed him, and then began to bring different people here injured or abandoned animals.

    This zoo is unusual in that the local animals are victims dorogi.Na Today, at the site of the zoo are wild boars, two bears, lynx, foxes, wolves and spotted olen.Za animals cared for by specially trained people and they have their own veterinarian and cook. The animals are always full and their cage clean. Entrance to the zoo is free, so parents often bring their children to enjoy the animals and relax.
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