Ponds on the river Kamenka

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Moscow, Prospekt Mira, VVC 
    Ponds Kamenka River located in the north-east of Moscow All-Russian Exhibition Centre. They were built on the river Kamenka in the XVIII century. A special place among all the ponds takes pond "Golden Spike". On the shore of this rate can consider himself architectural monument in the form of a golden spike. By total area, the stakes held for more than 11 hectares.

    A special place among all the ponds takes pond "Golden Spike". On the shore of the pond can consider itself an architectural monument in the form of a golden ear, from its rates and its name was. You can arrange a day trip on a real boat. Triple boats and catamarans on weekdays cost 150 rubles for half an hour, and on weekends - 250 rubles. By closely watching skating professionals from the security services, so you can safely ride without having to worry for their safety.
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