Lake District Manzherok

  • Manzherok, Russia
  • By Chuysk south, near the village of Manzherok need to turn left on the uphill road to the village Ozernoye. Left out of the village road, going 
    Manzherokskoe lake located in the foothills of cyanosis cyanosis and Baby, two kilometers from the Chu tract on the right bank of the Katun. At this point the valley of the river Katun expands to several kilometers to the east, forming a plateau, on which there is a lake. The main part of the shores of Lake swampy, convenient access to the water is only on the northwestern coast, where the road.

    Lake neighborhood famous for unique soft natural conditions that allow vegetatsyyu neharakternyh many plants in this region. For example, in July, large areas of the lake are covered with blooming white lilies. Of the exotic plants in the lake remained Manzherokskom listed in the Red Book of water chestnut Rogulnik (chylіm), which floats in the flowering period on the surface and sinks to the bottom as they mature. The lake water is taste and odor, but it is suitable for drinking and even has healing properties. In 1996, the lake Manzherokskomu officially granted the status of a natural monument.
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Lake Manzherokskoe
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