River Kirzhach

  • Repihovo, Russia
  • River Kirzhach, Vladimir region., Russia 
    The river flows through Kіrzhach Vladimir region of Russia and is a left tributary of the Klyazma. This is a small river, which extends 133 kilometers and a maximum depth - 4 meters. At its widest point the coast are at a distance of 70 meters from each other. Kіrzhach river carries its waters from the north to the south and near the village of Ancient city, which is 10 kilometers away from the cover, flows into the Klyazma.

    Riverbed formed by the confluence of the Big and Small Kіrzhach, near the village Ivashov. On the bank of the river was built the same city where the river deepest enough, even in summer. It paўnavodnasts river made Kіrzhach popular destination for canoeing. The route usually begins near the station Ileykino and ends already on Klyazma, near the station plant, where you can safely take the train and get home. Along the way, you can enjoy plenty of it mixed forests, thickets that shore, then open vast expanses.

    The river is quite rich in fish. Anglers can catch here ide, zheraha, bream, Plotko, perch, smut, burbot, Pechkurov, ruff, Verkhovodko. Fall and trophy specimens.
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