River Toropa

  • Rylovo, Russia
  • Hurry, Tver region, Russian Federation 
    River in a hurry, which flows into the Western Dvina, takes source in the Tver region and has a length of 174 kilometers. The total area of ​​the basin rush is 1950 square kilometers. River width ranges reaching different areas of from 30 to 40 meters.

    The river has its source near the village Toropatsa that Andreapolsky District - a picturesque western edge of the Valdai Hills. In the upper reaches of the river crosses numerous lakes and the lower its shores are high and densely covered with destiny. Due to the peculiarities of the current rush is very popular outdoor enthusiasts as it is suitable for canoeing.
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Sights nearby

Church of the Transfiguration in Toropets Toropets
Lake Kudinskoe TSikorevo
Manor Podgorodneye Podgorodnee
House-museum of Patriarch Tikhon Toropets
Church of the Epiphany in Toropets Toropets
The plane-monument "Su-9" in Toropets Toropets
Korsun Mother of God Cathedral in Toropets Toropets
Ancient settlements Toropets
Monument to Admiral Ricordi in Tver Toropets
Straw Lake Znamenskoe
Rural lake in Tver region Ananino
Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Hvorostevo Hvorostevo
Manor Hvorostevo Hvorostevo
Church of the Epiphany in the churchyard Psovets Galyanovo
Lake of the Nagas Sheshurino
Lake Kadosno Hmelevo
Church of the Trinity Brosno
Lake Brosno Morozovo
Lake Brosno Morozovo
Memorial Museum-Estate of composer Mussorgsky Naumovo
Manor Naumovo Naumovo
Parents room in the manor house AS Pushkin Zhukova
Memorial Museum of AS Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye" Zhukova
Lake Savinskoe Zhilino
Church of the Ascension Zaholome

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