Restaurant "Russian"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • nab. Krasnopresnenskaya 12, Moscow, Russia 
    Restaurant "Russian" is located on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment in Moscow in the building of the famous World Trade Center. Restaurant offers a taste of traditional Russian cuisine and have a good time in the well-appointed rooms.

    Entrance to the "Russian" is decorated very nicely - on either side of him are symmetrically arranged tables and chairs for those who want a break from noisy surroundings, talk with friends in silence, have a cup of coffee, etc. The restaurant has a large bar area, as well as two halls - Russian and Petrovsky. The spacious rooms can celebrate a wedding celebration, corporate parties, anniversaries and many other important events.

    The institution hold sacred national traditions of hospitality and cooking, which are passed down through the generations and a great pleasure to visitors. Main dishes and drinks at the restaurant "Russian" is a baked fish stuffed with buckwheat pig, cabbage, dumplings in the pot, eggs, mushrooms, pancakes, kvass, and fruit drinks.
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