Rostov embankment

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  • Russia, Moscow, Khamovniki 
    The left bank of the Moskva River, or rather, Khamovniki overshadowed by the magnificent Rostov embankment. It is located opposite the new square in Europe and is limited Savvinskaya waterfront and Smolensk Street.

    The name comes from the Rostov embankment settlement, which was located at this place in XV - XVI centuries. Were near the courtyard of Rostov bishops and Dabraveshchanskaya church.

    The main asset of the Rostov embankment considered House architects, built in 1930 by renowned architect Shchusev. The building is in a popular, if architectural style "Postconstructivism." Unusual building paўkruglae times removed in film some scenes.

    On the waterfront offers a beautiful view of the top of the grand skyscrapers Moscow City and the Kiev railway station. Fully landscaped embankment, a large number of shops here, but the shadow of the trees galіnastyh well closes the burning sun.

    For lovers of night walks, Rostov embankment - a magical place that cover a lot of lights, especially beautifully reflected in the water surface of the Moscow River.
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