Cathedral of the Nativity (Suzdal)

  • Suzdal, Russia
  • M7
    Suzdal, Vladimir region, Russian Federation 585 m With
    On the territory of the Suzdal Kremlin is mesmerizing beauty Orthodox church Diocese of Vladimir and Suzdal - Nativity Cathedral. He is one of the monuments of ancient architecture, the most unique of its kind. Now this temple acting, and at the same time it is part of the Vladimir-Suzdal museum.

    The first version of the construction of the temple was built in the XI century, it stood until 1222. Then, the building was dismantled and re-built of white stone. The new temple stood until the XVI century. In 1528 the church was again subjected to restructuring, and half of the stone changed to brick. In the XVII century the temple was completed five domes and coloring of the walls inside.

    Due to the large number of changes, the church survives today is not in its original form. Decoration of the church includes a beautiful mural related to XIII, XV and XVII centuries.
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