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Afanasevo is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Bogorodskij, Nizhegorodskaya), 65 kilometers on nothwest from Nizhegorodskaya. You can to look around . On noth (7 kilometers) is Bust Chkalov. On east (7 kilometers) is Svetloyarsky lake in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Svetloyarsky Park (8 km), Monument aviators, aircraft manufacturers (8 km). On notheast (8 kilometers) is Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Monument aviators, aircraft manufacturers Gremyachki
Seventh-day Adventist Church Gremyachki
Building Aviation College in Nizhny Novgorod Gremyachki
Zoo "Limpopo" Gremyachki
House AM Leonov volodiha
House JS Chernonёbova volodiha
Aircraft Building Plant "Sokol" Gremyachki
The temple in honor of the Iberian Mother of God Smolino
Stela in honor of 60 anniversary of the Komsomol Gremyachki
Building of the former parochial school them. Emperor Alexander III Gremyachki
Locomotive Museum Smolino
Steam locomotive monument SU 251-32 Gremyachki
Monument to Lenin in Sormovo Gremyachki
Monument Rostislav Alexeyev Gremyachki
High relief "School of the barricades" Gremyachki
Museum "Steam locomotives of Russia" Smolino
War Monuments railroad Gremyachki
The former apartment house in Nizhny Novgorod Gremyachki
Center Sormovo Gremyachki
Transfiguration Cathedral Gremyachki
Tanks monuments "Freedom Fighter Comrade Lenin" and "T-34" Gremyachki
Shipyard "Red Sormovo" Gremyachki
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