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Apsheronsk is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Apsheronskij, Krasnodarskij kraj), 13 kilometers on southeast from Krasnodarskij kraj. On southwest, 8 kilometers is - Ecovillages "Sea Flower".

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Monument labor feat forestry workers Guamka
Waterfall Monk Mezmaj
Waterfall Isichenko Tabachnyj
Yavorov Falls Mezmaj
The malt shop brewery Severo-vostochnye Sady
Great Mosque of Maikop Severo-vostochnye Sady
House Zinkovetskogo Severo-vostochnye Sady
Monument to Lenin in Maikop Severo-vostochnye Sady
Fortress "Meotians" Severo-vostochnye Sady
River Kurdzhips Mezmaj
Guam Gorge Mezmaj
Термальные Источники " Белые Ночи"
Mezmay Mezmaj
The village Mezmay Mezmaj
Kurgan Oshad Gaverdovskij
Waterfall Isichenko Mezmaj
Waterfall University Temnolesskaya
Through Cave Hakodz
Amin Gorge Hakodz
Rock Titanic Hakodz
Rock "male power" Hakodz
Rocky island three dragons Kamennomostskij
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Apsheronsk () is a town and the administrative center of Apsheronsky District of Krasnodar Krai Russia located on the Pshekha River (in the Kuban's basin) Population 33 400 (1968) Зміст1 Etymology2 History3 Geography3 1 Climate4 Administrative and municipal status5 Economy5 1...  More
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Apsheronsk () is a town and the administrative center of Apsheronsky District of Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Pshekha River (in the Kuban's basin). Population: 33,400 (1968).Зміст1 Etymology2 History3 Geography3.1 Climate4 Administrative and municipal status5 Economy5.1 Transportation6 References6.1 Notes6.2 SourcesEtymologyThe name comes from Persian language word "Ab Shuran" which means "Salty Water". This is also the name of a peninsula in Republic of Azerbaijan where the capital Baku in located in Absheron peninsula.HistoryIt was founded in 1863 as the stanitsa of Apsheronskaya ().GeographyClimateUnder the Köppen climate classification Apsheronsk has a humid subtropical climate climate (Cfa).There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Apsheronsk. The average annual temperature in Apsheronsk is 12.0 °C. The warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 22.5 °C. In January, the average temperature is 1.8 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year.The driest month is February with 62 mm. Most precipitation falls in November and December, with an average of 94 mm. About 941 mm of precipitation falls annually. Administrative and municipal statusWithin the framework of administrative divisions, Apsheronsk serves as the administrative center of Apsheronsky District.Reference Information #34.01-707/13-03 As an administrative division, it is, together with three rural localities, incorporated within Apsheronsky District as the Town of Apsheronsk. As a municipal division, the Town of Apsheronsk is incorporated within Apsheronsky Municipal District as Apsheronskoye Urban Settlement.Law #747-KZEconomyThe town's main industries are forestry and woodworking.TransportationThe Apsheronsk narrow-gauge railway is the longest railway of its type in Russia.ReferencesNotesSources

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