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CHesnokovo is located on is on European part part of Russia (Istrinskij, Moskovskaya), 54 kilometers on nothwest from Moskovskaya. We have found 149 attractions here, some interesting of them: Botanical Garden of Moscow State University (Pharmaceutical Garden), Izmailovo Park, Sokolniki Park, Monument to Peter the Great in Izmailovo Park, Cafe Ragout. You can to look around too. On south (2 kilometers) is Old Basman Street, Temple of Martyr Nikita on the Old Basman (2 km), Travelling Palace Vasily III (2 km), Profitable House Adji Mamede Usain Yeah Aminezarba (2 km), The building of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport (2 km).

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Monument to Peter the Great in Izmailovo Park
Cafe Ragout
Komsomolskaya Square three stations
Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki
Restaurant "Perfume River"
The metro station "Bauman"
Metro Station "Krasnoselskaya"
Metro station "Red Gate"
The metro station "Semenovskaya"
Metro Station "Sokolniki"
Subway station "Riga"
The metro station "area of ​​the Transfiguration"
Metro Station "Alekseevskaya"
Computing Center Rosstat
Yelokhovo Cathedral
Monument to Emperor Peter I and the royal physician NL Bidloo
Basmannaya Hospital
Museum of Soviet slot machines in Moscow
School №353 them. AS Pushkin
Apothecary Lane
Museum of the package in Moscow
Restaurant "Lucien"
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