CHesnokovo — sights and interesting facts

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House-Museum Shchepkin in Moscow
Building of the public fund of culture
The building of the Hospice charity for the blind in Moscow
Urban homestead Isayevs-pubic-bar in Moscow
Riga market
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sakha under the President of the Russian Federation
Eco-Center "Sokolniki" in Moscow
Cafe-bar "Mimino" in Riga
Department of Moscow
Monument VI Lenin at the Yaroslavl Station
Monument in Moscow Sergei Bukhvostov
Lermontov monument in Moscow
House of Peter the Great
House-Museum of VL Pushkin
Garden Bauman
Restaurant "Razguliay"
Spartacus street
Manor Musin-Pushkin
House Estate Mouravieff-Apostol
Club "Teatr"
The main house city estate PI Demidova - AB Kurakin
Monument Bauman
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