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Dobrynino is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Sobinskij, vladimirskaya), 200 kilometers on southwest from vladimirskaya. You can to look around . On west (2 kilometers) is Manor Zherehovo. On noth (22 kilometers) is Holy Dormition Monastery of Cosmas-Yakhroma.

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Museum of Wooden Architecture vladimir
Temple of Archangel Michael vladimir
Stadium "Torpedo" vladimir
Vladimir Academic Drama Theatre. AV Lunacharsky vladimir
Trinity Church vladimir
Museum of Crystal vladimir
Church of St. Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary vladimir
Temple of Holy Rosary vladimir
Red Trinity Church vladimir
The building of the Institute of Arts and art education vladimir
Church of the Holy Rosary (Vladimir) vladimir
Nikita Church vaneevka
St. Nicholas Church Galeyskaya vladimir
Building of the former Real School vladimir
Nikitinskaya church in Vladimir vaneevka
Golden Gate Vladimir vladimir
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Dormition Monastery Knyaginin vaneevka
The bell tower of the Holy Dormition Monastery Knyaginin vaneevka
Assumption Monastery Knyaginin vaneevka
Gates of the Holy Dormition Monastery vaneevka
Church of Our Lady of Kazan in the Assumption Princess Convent. vaneevka
Cafe "Pretzel" in Vladimir vladimir
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