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Gorelskij Leshoz is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Tambovskij, Tambovskaya), 64 kilometers on notheast from Tambovskaya. You can to look around . On east (5 kilometers) is Clear Lake. On southwest (6 kilometers) is Don Airport. On south (14 kilometers) is Ascension Monastery, Stepan Razin street in Tambov (14 km), Transfiguration Cathedral (15 km).

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Ascension Monastery Tambov
Stepan Razin street in Tambov Tambov
Transfiguration Cathedral Tambov
City Park of Culture and Rest Tambov
Kazan Monastery in Tambov Tambov
Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Tambov
Kazan Mother of God Orthodox Monastery Tambov
Tambov State Technical University Tambov
Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Tambov Tambov
River embankment Cna Belomestnaya Dvojnya
Monument to St. Luke in Tambov Belomestnaya Dvojnya
Monument feat medics in the Great Patriotic War Belomestnaya Dvojnya
Chapel of St. Luke in Tambov Belomestnaya Dvojnya
Kkanal River Cna Lvovo
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