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Gridyukino is located on is on European part part of Russia (Stupinskij, Moskovskaya), 53 kilometers on noth from Moskovskaya. The city has a great attraction - Golyanovsky Park. You can to look around too. On southeast (2 kilometers) is Altai Street, The Church of St. Zosima and Sabbatius of Solovki Chudotvortsev in Golyanovo (2 km). On south (2 kilometers) is Metro Station "Shchelkovskaya", 13th Street Park (3 km). On southwest (3 kilometers) is Amur street.

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Metro Station "Shchelkovskaya" Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Amur street voronovo
13th Street Park Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Stables "Forest" on Losiny Island Dubechino
Elk Island Abramtsevo
3rd Street Park voronovo
Church of the Nativity in Izmailovo voronovo
Metro Station "Day" Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Day Street Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Bridge Tower in Izmailovo Dubechino
Royal mansion "Izmailovo" Dubechino
The metro station "Street Podbelskogo" Dubechino
Metro Station "CHerkizovskaja" Dubechino
"Locomotive" stadium Dubechino
Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo Dubechino
Steam locomotive L-3516 Dubechino
Monument to victims of political repression Olhovka
Bauman town Dubechino
Russian Toy Museum in Moscow Dubechino
Museum of Bells in Moscow Dubechino
Silver-Grape Pond Dubechino
Museum of the History of vodka Dubechino
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