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Habarovka is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Ongudajskij, Respublika Altaj), 15033 kilometers on south from Respublika Altaj. We have found 4 attractions here, some interesting of them: Chike-Taman, Ulagansky plateau, Lower Lake Shavlinskih, Upper Lake Shavlinskih. You can to look around too. On southwest (8 kilometers) is Lower Lake Tuyukskoe, Upper Lake Tuyukskoe (8 km).

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Upper Lake Shavlinskih
Lower Lake Tuyukskoe Ulita
Upper Lake Tuyukskoe Ulita
River Ursul Shashikman
Ininsky suspension bridge across the river Katun Inya
Natural and economic Park "Chui-Oozy" Inya
Complex petroglyphs Kalbak Tash Inyushka
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