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Karkovo is located on is on European part part of Russia (CHehovskij, Moskovskaya), 48 kilometers on nothwest from Moskovskaya. We have found 7 attractions here, some interesting of them: State Darwin Museum, Cafe "Hilarion", The metro station "Academic", Metro Station "UNION", Street Academica Nesmeyanova. You can to look around too. On southeast (1 kilometers) is Monument "Kakhovka" in Moscow. On east (1 kilometers) is Temple of the Holy Prince Boris and Gleb. On west (1 kilometers) is Steakhouse "Bison" at Trade Union. On nothwest (1 kilometers) is The metro station "New Beacon Hill". On notheast (2 kilometers) is Monument to the heroism and valor of the Black Sea sailors in Moscow.

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Metro Station "UNION"
Street Academica Nesmeyanova
Area Academician Tamm
Гостиница Спутник | Hotel Sputnik
Monument "Kakhovka" in Moscow Legchishchevo
Temple of the Holy Prince Boris and Gleb Legchishchevo
Steakhouse "Bison" at Trade Union Nizhnee Pikalovo
The metro station "New Beacon Hill" Nizhnee Pikalovo
Monument to the heroism and valor of the Black Sea sailors in Moscow Legchishchevo
Metro Station "Kaluga" Peshkovo 2
"Golden Peacock" in Via Garibaldi in Moscow Nizhnee Pikalovo
Akademik Keldysh area Peshkovo 2
Vorontsov Park Peshkovo 2
Azov Street Legchishchevo
Street Academica Chelomeya Peshkovo 2
Metro Station "Kakhovskaya" Legchishchevo
Street Academica Pilyugina Peshkovo 2
Диалог Культур
Manor "Cheryomushki-Znamenskoye" Legchishchevo
The metro station "Sevastopol" Legchishchevo
Restaurant "Teahouse number 1" on Butlerova Peshkovo 2
Theme Park "dinosaur" Legchishchevo
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