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Kimrskij is located on is on European part part of Russia. Мы насчитали в этом районе 23 достопримечальности. Вот некоторые наиболее интересные из них. Bear River, Rotunda, Cathedral of the Annunciation, Church of St. Nicholas, Manor Islets.

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Church of St. Nicholas Papino
Manor Islets Ostrov
The Roman Catholic Church Kimry
Chapel Fedor, Michael Anania and the martyrs Kimrsky Kimry
Church of the Ascension Kimry
Monument Tupolev Kimry
Shopping arcade Kimry Kimry
Seating yard Kimry Kimry
Victory Obelisk Kimry
Bridge across the Volga Kimry
Quay Fadeev Kimry
Transfiguration Cathedral in Kimry Kimry
Street Uritskogo Kimry
Lenin Street Kimry
River Kimrka Stroevo
Monument to Lenin Kimry
Kimrsky Drama Theatre Kimry
Shkvarinyh former home on the waterfront Fadeev Kimry
House of the merchant VD Sobtsova Kimry
Merchant House Kimry Kimry
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