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Lazarevskij is located on is on asian part part of Russia. Мы насчитали в этом районе 74 достопримечальности. Вот некоторые наиболее интересные из них. Oceanarium "Starfish", Svirsky gorge, Waterfall "Miracle Beauty", Railway station "Lazarevskoye", Fountain in front of the center of national cultures in Sochi.

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Railway station "Lazarevskoye" Lazarevskoe
Fountain in front of the center of national cultures in Sochi Lazarevskoe
Show arena "Coliseum" in Sochi Lazarevskoe
Restaurant "Santorini" Lazarevskoe
Crab Gorge Lazarevskoe
Beach "Dolphin" in the Lazarev Lazarevskoe
Beach "The Seagull" Lazarevskoe
Oceanarium "Tropical Amazon" Lazarevskoe
Sanatorium Quiet Flows the Don Lazarevskoe
Waterpark "Starfish" Lazarevskoe
Lazarus station Lazarevskoe
Volkonsky dolmen Soloniki
Stone grotto "Two Brothers" Soloniki
Vataginskaya Hill Lazarevskoe
Moonstone Lazarevskoe
Dolmen "Glory" Lazarevskoe
Svirsky waterfall in Sochi Lazarevskoe
Yashkina Mountain Lazarevskoe
V century Byzantine fortress Soloniki
The Church of St. Nicholas Soloniki
Waterpark "Nautilus" Lazarevskoe
Victory Street Lazarevskoe
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