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Maslovo is located on is on European part part of Russia (Odintsovskij, Moskovskaya), 51 kilometers on nothwest from Moskovskaya. We have found 246 attractions here, some interesting of them: House-egg on the street Mashkov, Church of Presentation of Mary at the Saltykov bridge, Clean Ponds, Moscow theater "Contemporary", St. Andronik Monastery. You can to look around too. On west (1 kilometers) is The complex of apartment buildings "Salt Yard", Urban homestead Sumarokova NA - NA Tyulyaevoy (1 km), Solyansky travel (2 km). On nothwest (1 kilometers) is Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Sculpture in the courtyard of the Moscow Union of Artists (1 km).

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Moscow theater "Contemporary"
St. Andronik Monastery
Tinkers embankment
Club Discoteque
House of Music
Restaurant "Bread House in Andronicus"
The Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh
Street School
Correa's Restaurant
Garage Gosplan
Church of St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow
Temple of Simeon Yauzoy
Profitable house on the street Salsola
Bunker №42
Antique Car Museum at Val Rogozhskoe
Big Ustyinsky Bridge
Cafe "Doohan Chito-Ra"
Church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity
Metro Station "Kursk"
The metro station "Rome"
Metro Station "Tagansky"
Metro Station "Entuziastov"
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