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Protasovo is located on is on European part part of Russia (Stupinskij, Moskovskaya), 36 kilometers on nothwest from Moskovskaya. The city has a great attraction - Shopping center "Mega Belaya Dacha". You can to look around too. On notheast (2 kilometers) is Monument "Penny" in Moscow. On east (3 kilometers) is Outlet Village "Belaya Dacha", Kazan Church in Kotelniki (3 km). On noth (3 kilometers) is The metro station "Zhulebino". On south (3 kilometers) is Rifle range "Object".

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Outlet Village "Belaya Dacha" Kotelniki
The metro station "Zhulebino" Tagankovo
Rifle range "Object" SHCHedrino
Kazan Church in Kotelniki Kotelniki
Monument Petroleum SHCHedrino
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Kapotna SHCHedrino
Moscow Finca Santa Claus Tagankovo
The architectural complex "Kind Angel of Peace" Agarino
Dusseldorf Park Agarino
Suburb in the estate "Kuzminki" in Moscow Tagankovo
Bathing in the manor house "Kuzmniki" in Moscow Tagankovo
Aviary in the estate "Kuzminki" in Moscow Tagankovo
Sunday school in the estate "Kuzminki" in Moscow Tagankovo
Ugresha Monastery Dzerzhinskij
Temple Blachernitissa Our Lady of the manor Vlakhernskoe-Kuz'minki Tagankovo
Grottoes in the estate "Kuzminki" in Moscow Tagankovo
Kuz'minskii Park Tagankovo
Footpath in Moscow Tagankovo
Alma-Ata street Besedy
Fountain "The Firebird" in Kuzminki Tagankovo
Аллея молодых семей
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