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Mordvinian Lake vedenyapino
Monument to Admiral FF Ushakov Plodopitomnicheskij
Cathedral of Saint righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov Plodopitomnicheskij
Fighters for Soviet power Durasovo
Republican Children's Library Saransk Plodopitomnicheskij
Walk of Fame Plodopitomnicheskij
Square Agitation Plodopitomnicheskij
Fountain "Star of the Millennium" Plodopitomnicheskij
Mordovia Republican Museum of Fine Arts. S. Erzya Plodopitomnicheskij
Mordovia ethnocultural center Novaya Avgura
Recreation park named after AS Pushkin Plodopitomnicheskij
Boulevard Decembrists - brothers Vedenyapin CHekaevskij
Victory Park CHekaevskij
Square of Fame Plodopitomnicheskij
Square Stratonavts Durasovo
Boulevard Tsaplina CHekaevskij
Peoples' Friendship Square Durasovo
Communist area in Saransk Plodopitomnicheskij
Victory Square in Saransk Plodopitomnicheskij
Railway Station Square in Saransk Durasovo
Soviet area in Saransk Plodopitomnicheskij
University Square in Saransk Plodopitomnicheskij
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