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Ryzhkovo is located on is on European part part of Russia (Zhukovskij, Kaluzhskaya), 135 kilometers on notheast from Kaluzhskaya. We have found 14 attractions here, some interesting of them: Park Pokrovsky-Glebova-Streshnevo, The metro station "Water Stadium", The metro station "Tushinskaya", Metro Station "Voikovskaya", Metro Station "Schukinskaya". You can to look around too. On east (1 kilometers) is Museum theft Yuri Detochkin, Most academic Street (2 km). On notheast (2 kilometers) is Manor Mihalkovo. On nothwest (2 kilometers) is Ruined water sports stadium "Dynamo". On southeast (3 kilometers) is Second Ambulatory travel.

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Metro Station "Voikovskaya"
Metro Station "Schukinskaya"
Tsiolkovsky monument on the street. Tsiolkovsky
Brasserie Durdin
Street Academica Kurchatov
Monument to heroes-sappers on Volokolamsk Highway
Victory Bridge in Moscow
Skhodnenskaya HPP
Park named Thieves
Church of St. Panteleimon great martyr
Усадьба «Покровское-Стрешнево»
Museum theft Yuri Detochkin Krasnye Orly
Сквер у Рассвета
Krasnye Orly
Manor Mihalkovo Krasnye Orly
Most academic Street Krasnye Orly
Ruined water sports stadium "Dynamo" Rozhdestveno
Second Ambulatory travel Krasnye Orly
Ambulatory lane Krasnye Orly
First Outpatient travel Krasnye Orly
Friendship Park Rozhdestveno
The metro station "Sokol" Yurevo
The village of Sokol Yurevo
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