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Shaumyan is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Majkopskij, Respublika Adygeya), 43 kilometers on south from Respublika Adygeya. We have found 2 attractions here, some interesting of them: Azishskaya Pass, Термальные Источники " Белые Ночи". You can to look around too. On noth (8 kilometers) is Waterfall Isichenko, The malt shop brewery (12 km), House Zinkovetskogo (12 km), Fortress "Meotians" (12 km). On southeast (8 kilometers) is Moonglade.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Moonglade Timiryazeva
The malt shop brewery Severo-vostochnye Sady
House Zinkovetskogo Severo-vostochnye Sady
Fortress "Meotians" Severo-vostochnye Sady
Monument to Lenin in Maikop Severo-vostochnye Sady
Kurgan Oshad Gaverdovskij
Great Mosque of Maikop Severo-vostochnye Sady
Valley of the Ammonites Dagestanskaya
The tract Warriors Glade Mahoshepolyana
Rock Titanic Hakodz
Khadzhokhsky dolmen Kamennomostskij
River Gorge Aminovki Kamennomostskij
The village Kamennomostsky Kamennomostskij
Through Cave Hakodz
Amin Gorge Hakodz
Rocky island three dragons Kamennomostskij
Khadzhokhsky Gorge (Kamennomostsky Canyon) Kamennomostskij
Rock "male power" Hakodz
Red Lake Kamennomostskij
Mezmaysky creek Kamennomostskij
Gorge Mishoko Kamennomostskij
Gorge Mishoko Kamennomostskij
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