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Starbeevo is located on is on European part part of Russia (Himkinskij, Moskovskaya), 73 kilometers on nothwest from Moskovskaya. You can to look around . On south (3 kilometers) is Khimki forest park in Moscow, Stadium "Arena Khimki" (3 km), Nescafe-IMAX cinema in Moscow (4 km), Cinema "Kinosfera" in Moscow (4 km), Shopping center "Capitol Leningrad" in Moscow (4 km).

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Cinema "Kinosfera" in Moscow Himki
Shopping center "Capitol Leningrad" in Moscow Himki
Waterworks Moscow Canal Himki
Comedy Cafe Snegiri
Barashkinsky pond Himki
Aquarium of the Pacific in the SEC "RIO" Snegiri
Park Hotel "Olympian" in Khimki Klyazma
Church of the Savior Holy Face Sheremetevskij
С.АРТ (галерея Петра Войса)
Museum of the History of cognac in Moscow Rozhdestveno
Temple of the Martyr Varus Egyptian cemetery on Mashkinskoe Mashkino
Alёshkinsky travel Putilkovo
Park "Angara ponds" in Moscow Snegiri
International Moscow marina in Dolgoprudnom Sheremetevskij
Natural park "River Valley are similar in Kurkino" Novogorsk
Grachёvsky Park Rozhdestveno
Sheremetyevo Airport F Klyazma
Будка за домом лесенки
БЦ «Меридиан»
Alёshkinsky archaeological complex Putilkovo
Sheremetyevo Airport Klyazma
The metro station "Glider" Putilkovo
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