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Talezh is located on is on European part part of Russia (CHehovskij, Moskovskaya), 56 kilometers on nothwest from Moskovskaya. We have found 50 attractions here, some interesting of them: Rostokino Aqueduct, The exhibition of sand sculptures at VVC, Monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, The metro station "Botanical Garden". You can to look around too. On southeast (3 kilometers) is The metro station "Street Podbelskogo". On east (3 kilometers) is Stables "Forest" on Losiny Island. On southwest (3 kilometers) is Putyaevskie ponds, A large rose garden park "Sokolniki" (3 km). On south (3 kilometers) is Swan Pond.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
The metro station "Botanical Garden"
The metro station "ENEA"
Amusement Park "Wheel of VVC"
Hotel "Cosmos"
Russian State University of Cinematography
Temple of Our Lady of Tikhvin
Museum-Theatre "Ice Age"
Moscow monorail
Area Academic Cradles
Alymov lane
Street Alymova
Shopping and entertainment center "Golden Babylon" at Prospekt Mira
Park "The Road to the Temple"
Fountain in the park "The Road to the Temple"
Pavilion number 75 All-Russia Exhibition Center
Pavilion №69 the All-Russia Exhibition Center
Small rose garden park "Sokolniki"
TV and Radio Company "Star" in Moscow
The Moscow City Court
Park Leonovo
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