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TSentralnyj is located on is on European part part of Russia (Leninskij, Moskovskaya), 57 kilometers on noth from Moskovskaya. We have found 3 attractions here, some interesting of them: Memorial soldiers Kaliningrad, Metalist Stadium, Korolyevskiy historical museum. You can to look around too. On southwest (4 kilometers) is Elk Island. On noth (4 kilometers) is Monument to Academician S. Korolev Korolev, Memorial House-Museum, SN Durylin in Queen (6 km). On south (6 kilometers) is River Pekhorka. On west (6 kilometers) is Stadium "Friendship".

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Elk Island Abramtsevo
Monument to Academician S. Korolev Korolev Mytishchi
River Pekhorka Olhovka
Memorial House-Museum, SN Durylin in Queen TSentralnyj
Stadium "Friendship" Druzhba
Monument to victims of political repression Olhovka
Kva-Kva Park Druzhba
Stadium Seagull Klyazma
Monument to Lenin at the station Mytishchi
Platform Taininskoye Druzhba
Stadium "Builder" Mytishchi
The memorial complex "Eternal Flame" in Mytishchi Mytishchi
Altai Street Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Manor Lapino Klyazma
Tree fidelity in Mytishchi Mytishchi
Monument mytischintsev killed in the line of duty Mytishchi
Monument of family, love and fidelity in Mytishchi Mytishchi
Golyanovsky Park Gridyukino
The Church of St. Zosima and Sabbatius of Solovki Chudotvortsev in Golyanovo Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Musical fountain in the Mytishchi recreation park Mytishchi
Fitness Club "Olympic Orient" Druzhba
Church of the Trinity in Mytishchi Druzhba
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