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Tuma is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Klepikovskij, Ryazanskaya), 143 kilometers on notheast from Ryazanskaya. We have found 2 attractions here, some interesting of them: Railway station "Tumskoe", Museum of narrow gauge equipment station "Tumskoe".

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School Museum SAEsenin Spas-Klepiki
Monument to those killed in the war years the residents of the Savior Klepiki Spas-Klepiki
Bust of Sergei Yesenin street Enlightenment Spas-Klepiki
Second-class parish school Savior Klepikov Spas-Klepiki
Bust Sergei Yesenin next to second-class parochial school Spas-Klepiki
National Park "Meshchera" Spas-Klepiki
White Lake Beloe
Museum of Wooden Architecture village Lunkin Tranovo
Klepikovsky lakes Selyanino
Great Lake Selyanino
Oka Reserve Lubyaniki
National Park "Meshchora" Tihonovo
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