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Ust-Sema is located on is on asian part part of Russia (Shebalinskij, Respublika Altaj), 15000 kilometers on south from Respublika Altaj. We have found 2 attractions here, some interesting of them: Park adventure tourism, Seminsky bath. You can to look around too. On nothwest (3 kilometers) is Kamyshlinsky Falls. On noth (12 kilometers) is Taldinskie cave, Tavdinsky karst arch. (14 km), Stone Gnome (14 km). On southeast (15 kilometers) is Mountain Sugun-Tuu.

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Ботанический сад
Taldinskie cave Izvestkovyj
Tavdinsky karst arch. Izvestkovyj
Stone Gnome Izvestkovyj
Mountain Sugun-Tuu Askat
Blue Lake Askat
Gates Erlik Uznezya
Zubryatnik CHerga
Blue Lake Uznezya
Lake Manzherokskoe Manzherok
Lake District Manzherok Manzherok
Ski resort "Manzherok" Manzherok
The village Manzherok Manzherok
Chairlift in the Lake Manzherok Manzherok
Source Argens-Suu Manzherok
Chui Deer stone Souzga
Bridge of Ai Souzga
Lake Aychonok Katun
Artificial lake Blue Katun Katun
Mountain Bloody Finger in the Altai region Katun
Federal bridge over the river Katun Katun
Island-rock "Bear" Katun
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