Hermitage Garden

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Four-wheel series Str., D. 3, Hermitage Garden, Moscow, 127006 
  • +7 (495)699-08-49 
    Garden "Hermitage", based philanthropist EV Shchukin, was first opened to the public in 1924. At this point, a lot happened in significant capital's cultural life events. So, in 1896, in the garden, the first public session of cinema Lumière. There is a building of the theater, on stage who sang such famous people as FIShalyapin, AV Semenov, played by Sarah Bernhardt, Maria Yermolova, Vera Komissarzhevskaya.

    Now "Hermitage" garden, there are three theater ("Hermitage", "New Opera" and "Sphere"), and an open air stage of the garden "Hermitage" and Shchukinskaya scene - a historic monument early XX century. This cozy garden with his Moscow atmosphere - a great place for walking and rest.
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