Savyelovskiy Station

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow area Savelovsky station, d. 2 
  • +7 (499) 266-89-01 
    Savelovsky station - the only Moscow railway station, from which only sent commuter trains.

    At first it was called by location on Butyrskaya outpost - Butyrskiy Station. Renamed Savelovsky he was in 1984 under the name of one of the subway stations - Savelova.

    Station was built a long time - five years. Although the result was a very modest building - one story, laconic Art Nouveau building, just in the center of the construction was erected the second floor for office apartments.

    Normal green station building has changed in 2005 - to light brown. In the same year there was the information system. Last renovation station was completed in 2012, invested in the repair was almost 500 million rubles. Upon completion of the building Savelovsky station is more like a palace.
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